Things are plugging along rather well! There’s a party every week. We have a couple of new membership applications and a couple of new visitors each meeting. So far, so GREAT! This week we had as our presenter, Kristi Piatkowski the Development Director at Rancho Damacitas. I’d heard that they completely changed the infrastructure of their organization. Boy, have they. Imagine taking a risk of changing your mission and walking away from your safety net. This is precisely what they did. They have morphed into meeting the transitional needs of women with children. They have decided with much contemplation to address this silent and invisible societal epidemic head-on. Kudos to them. Side note: Rancho Damacitas is named Rancho Damacitas because that is the name of the land. I had no idea. You could hear a collective gasp when Kristi shared that. Kristi shared that initially, she had no idea about the origin of the organization name. Kristi passionately shared what they do and why they do it. Her effervescent and bubbly personality kept us all engaged throughout her presentation. As a matter of fact, she had such thought-provoking and insightful questions at the end I didn’t want to her end.

I must share that a need came up for a presenter at our evening options meeting and I asked Kristi if she was game…..and thankfully she was! I heard back from several attendees there that they found her engaging, informative, and entertaining.