Well, the party continues! Week 3. I’ve already experienced membership resignation. Aaargh! Although my rational mind understands, my “presidential mind” wishes they stayed. Not out of ego. No. Out of knowing what these two members have and can contribute to our cause. None the less, I sincerely wish them well and made it a point to extend my gratitude for who they are and what they’ve done.

I attended the launch of my fellow District 5330 President, Debbi Manion of Menifee Rotary. It was such a blast. She did such a great job. We are actively participating in each other’s club activities. What a concept.

I also attended PDG Rudy’s birthday party in the mountains. I met new friends both Rotary and not. Cool vibes.

On Sunday, I attended (initially begrudgingly) the kick-off of District Governor, Melanie Rice’s event. What a blast. If her husband, Larry hadn’t called me directly I would not have attended. Fortunately I did. It was awesome. I looked around and was humbled by how many friends I’ve made in the district.

On Monday, Rudy and Karyn came to chat about Peace Conference 2020! Rudy poured his heart out. He talked about how rampant bullying is. He made a statement about the power of Rotary. Because we’ve nearly eradicated Polio, we can successfully spread peace. That awareness gave me chills.

If you’re keeping track, you’re right, I had the honor of hanging out with Rudy and Karyn three weeks in a row. Actually, it was 3 days in a row in one week. Talk about the power of association.

I’m refining the flow of my parties. Our energy remains high and I’m completely amped.